Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Mom's Testimony on Neurofeedback

While in the waiting room for our 15th Session of Neurofeedback, I met another mommy warrior.  She has one child on the Autism Spectrum and a pre-teen daughter with severe ADHD on 4 medicines.  She too is a single mom due to her recent divorce.  She looked tired, weathered, beat down and ready for a nice vacation that'll probably never come.  She looked like she needed a friend, soooo I said, "Hey Mama, how ya holding up?"  She said, "fine".  Then I smiled and said, "how are you REALLY holding up?".  She could tell I was on #TeamTiredMommy, and the floodgates opened.

Suffice to say, she told me the story of how her 12 yr old was responding so well to the Neurofeedback that they now had a new relationship as mother-daughter.  They were at the half-way mark of their sessions, and she noticed her daughter could now better understand consequences of her actions so much so that she actually could better control her wild impulses.  She wasn't a bottled up angry, speechless little girl and had blossomed into a young lady who could articulate her feelings -- even if they were angry feelings (from the recent divorce, etc).  Her teachers & peers noticed the positive difference in her personality "disorder" she had been diagnosed with previously.  In conclusion, the mother said, "we drive over an hour in traffic 3 days per week for our sessions.  it cost me a fortune and is worth every penny and minute in the car because I have a daughter I can now relate to and share 'moments' with".  She went on to say, "I told the Dr. if he ever needs anybody to be a spokesperson, he can certainly call on me".

I was relieved to hear her story because at ALL points, I question Neurofeedback and any "gimmicks" associated with high priced alternative therapy.  But I also certainly see differences in my own child, and it's good to hear about other success stories...

Share yours here! 

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