Thursday, December 29, 2011

Session 11 Neurofeedback - WE ARE WRITING

And still we are amazed by King Khalil's progress with Neurofeedback, no matter how small, incremental or accidental it may seem.  As you may know, King is 6 yrs old, in a mild Special Ed First Grade class, on track to get a diploma.  He has specific language delays which have hindered his reading comprehension, in that, LETTER RECOGNITION and PHONEMIC awareness as to how each letter sounds is distorted for King Khalil.  He consistently mixes up the letters b, d, p, q and their sounds.  I've questioned educators as to how can a child learn to read and "sound out" words if they don't master each letter sound first.  Basics, right?  Many many times, I've been told, "it'll come along" but in the meantime, we work like hell at home to make sure Khalil doesn't fall behind his classmates, who seem to cruise along.

Coinciding with his 11th NT session, we were at dinner and King decided to draw a picture and write a few letters at the top.  I thought it was random letters or (by my own instinct) figured he wrote his name or a few simple sight words that he knows by heart.  To my surprise, my son spontaneously and without prompting wrote:  ILOVEMOM. 

It took me a few seconds, but I deciphered I Love Mom... with a beautiful heart.  Somehow, someway, EVERYTHING we teach him is in his brain, looking for an easier way out.  I hope that Neurofeedback, diet and supplements are providing a clear path for the data to get out.  I'm just glad it's all in there!

For more research on Neurofeedback, please review The Drake Institute website.  Good luck


  1. OMG what a feeling, i know first hand My grandson has a speech impairment and we have been working with TJ everyday and now he walks around spelling out every letter in a word, he has not been able to say the word, but letters come first and he is sounding his words more clearly, one day at a time Jodi. But i love this picture. brings tears

  2. *tears*, I can imagine what you thought when you read it. I didn't see what it said at first either until I read your post. Congratulation on much success and many more happy moments with "King"!! Autism is not all of him, its only PART of him, and he looks to be proving that everyday.