Monday, December 19, 2011

A Whole New World

Today is my first blog post in The Adventures of King Khalil in Autismland.  Here you will have direct access to the on-going saga, milestones, discoveries and adventures of me and my amazing son Khalil Jaden's world of Autism.  Khalil is 6 years old and was diagnosed at age 2 with PDD-NOS, then by age 3 officially on the Autism Spectrum by our Regional Center.  He is the most high spirited, happy lil guy -- and he was destined to impact this world.  As his mom, I believe it is as much my responsibility to prepare him for the world as it is to prepare the world for him!  I'm proud to say I am a hard-working Autism Advocate on a mission to enlighten as many people about the condition and change laws to accommodate our beautiful babies!  Thanks for following, subscribing to and commenting on this blog. Enjoy my constantly swirling, ever evolving inner thoughts on all things AUTISM.


  1. I have followed your journey over the past two years and i applaud you not only did i learn more about Autism but i have seen your son grow and reach amazing achievements. Its all about Love and understanding. Thankyou Jodi for sharing your world with us. We look forward to seeing your son grow and with each new day brings more joy. much love. louise

  2. I can't wait to read the Adventures of King Khalil in Autismland!

  3. Thanks Louise and ILeverette... I hope you enjoy. God Bless.